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FM specialises in Social/Enterprise integration. There are 100s of features to assist your business including Advertising sales, Administration interfaces, community management and reporting, analytics and more...

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Consistent Services and Development

What we offer clients is part of an ever changing list of services. When it comes to new online and mobile technology we are always working with new platforms, delivery techniques and content.

But regardless of our research and design Fixturemedia still provides a huge range of best practise driven skills, processes and data driven services for your applications.



  • DNS Domain Name Server management
  • Custom Website/Application Design and Development
  • Cross Platform integration
  • Intelligent Advertising sales solutions and customer interactive booking/template tools
  • E commerce solutions, payment systems, banking gateways
  • Social Portal construction and Social Enterprise hosting > STARTUPS
  • Server and Database hosting/load/testing/scaling.
  • Database construction SQL, MySQL >> .ASP, .NET, PHP, COLDFUSION, JAVA
  • Applications requirements gathering and specification consulting services.
  • Server side applications > Content management and delivery systems > data services from finance, day trading, real-estate to educational records data.
  • IT training across platform- several of our consultants are qualified IT trainers and also part of a consistence regime of certification.
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing collateral - Print
  • IT management consulting within strategic planning
  • E Learning for OHS, IT Training course resources for classroom applicaitons Flash/Flex and Rich animated content for data visualisation Marketting/Sales interactive dashboard tools

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