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Guiding clients to strategically design and deliver thoughful, measured & responsive digital programs.

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Our Features

Customer Experience & Service Design

Fixturemedia is a human Centred Digital Services focused consulting agency. We specialise in 'your customer service and experience programs',  with years of enterprise level digital design and services experience in developing CX programs for all industries. Fixturemedia understands the importance of innovation, collaboration and definition in the digital transformation process.

Delivery Experience

Fixturemedia has been rolling out great user experiences, mobile and we based applications and software for over 20 years across commerciual business and enterprise in the APAC region. We focus on your quick wins as well  as your strategic outcomes, using data and KPI validation approaches to ensure that our design process is exceeding expectations and outcomes.

Lean Agile, Design Thinking, Dev Ops supported
Platforms: PHP/JAVA/CF/Rails/Flex/IOS/Android Front End: HTML5 AJAX, jQuery, JS, React, Angular to  Flash, Android and iOS

Omni channel

From Acquisition, User Application onboarding, Contact centre Service Design, Customer Relationship management, eCommerce Funnel optimisation... we understand digital work process and how to make  user stories, empathy,  analysys, sysnthesis and design create meaningful measureable change in your outcomes.

Production Management

We deeply understand agile delivery, fixed scheduling, the importance of co-designed process to achieve MVP and live product outcomes to set budgets. Clear accountable production practises with full documentation across as many streams as necessary.

Functional & Business Analysis

Understanding business of technology and business strategy in your applications. Fixturemedia focuses on contextual relationships in data driven user experience design.

Enterprise Digital Business

From Platform server technologies to Community Portals which provide your business with intranet and online resources delivering mobile. You will understand the benefits, limitations and budgeting factors in implementing solid business solutions.

Social Integration

The benefit of social marketing and integration for your platforms can be almost instantly seen when used in combination with well targeted marketing. We can guide you on social implementation and feedback channels for business insight. How does your social profile measure up?

Accessibility and Compliance

W3C compliant development for online and mobile platforms to give as much spectrum for accessible platform development as possible in you dynamic applications.

and more...

Fixturemedia's core offering is more heavily focused on experience design for digital outcomes. Over 20 years of IT development, design, business leadership and planning has given us unique perspectives in the 'How to' of customer experience for multichannel delivery. From innovation sprints to venture strategy Fixturemedia appreciates that collboration is key to finding the right viable and ROI for re inventing or building a new business.
Fixturemedia has managed and delviered Digital and SMR Experience training programs in both software and resources use for Adobe technologies. we support Adobe and also customised courses from beginners to advanced level programming for User exoerience development, Front End applicaitons and HTML5 and mobile development.
Fixturemedia has many years experience in development of customised rich applications, software and online development with Javascript, HMTL5, APIs, frameworks for enterprise level deployment, prototyping and content management.
Fixturemedia has over 12 years experience in Actionscript 2/3, Flash platform development in custom video/media, advertising and emterprise applications.

We provide strong expertise in large scale community platforms and mobile..CRM & Social Portals delivery should be a key enabler to your business 2 business and community engagement. We work across MS Dynamics, Salesforce, Adobe (AEM), Oracle, Kentico, Sitecore and many more!

We have worked closely in the last 10 years with integrations and replacements of CRM and Social Portal integrations for enterprise, government, NGOs, Social startups, enterprise startups/ventures and of course the media industry. Ask about our credentials and experience?